Engineering Design Technologies (EDT) corrosion engineers work to incorporate the most technically appropriate and cost effective measures to assure structural longevity for our Clients. We conduct evaluations to determine the extent of corrosion damage on existing structures and design and specify cathodic protection and coating systems to prevent further corrosion. Our specialists have evaluated hundreds of miles of prestressed concrete, steel, and ductile and cast iron mains. Evaluations identify the extent and location of corrosion on pipelines as well as the probability of future failures and the anticipated life expectancy through analyses and correlation of soil corrosivity, corrosion potential, corrosion rate, stray current, and direct inspection data.

EDT performs design surveys and economic analyses for new water and wastewater facilities and recommends and designs corrosion control systems that enable achievement of goals within the Client’s economic constraints. EDT performs quality control services during construction and performs testing of systems after installation.

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