Cathodic Protection

Cathodic Protection

Oil and Gas

Cathodic Protection systems are regulated by the government for many of the pipelines used by operators and distributors to transport oil and gas safely from various sources to the consumer.  Since oil and gas are volatile products and potential pollutants, the integrity of the pipeline is closely monitored and requires professionals to keep these cathodic protection systems in compliance with regulatory standards.  Our Staff of NACE certified cathodic protection experts have years of experience designing, installing, testing and servicing cathodic protection systems in the oil and gas industry.

Water and Wastewater

Untitled-11Most utilities were installed underground several decades ago and have been in continuous operation.  Cathodic protection of these utilities helps extend their service life and allows them to reliably provide millions with clean drinking water and wastewater removal. Consistent monitoring of the cathodic protection system by trained professionals is necessary throughout the service life of the system. Our staff includes highly trained NACE certified cathodic protection experts who have worked in the water and wastewater industry for decades.  Engineering Design Technologies provides the following services to help our clients optimize the performance of their cathodic protection systems: Impressed current and Galvanic Cathodic Protection systems design, inspection and maintenance.

AC Modeling/Mitigation

Untitled-18Many transmission pipelines transport products long distances and can experience Alternating Current (AC) Interference when traveling near sources of AC such as high voltage AC transmission lines and electrical transit systems.  AC interference can cause AC induced corrosion, interfere with cathodic protection, damage metallic structures and negatively affect the coating. To reduce the effect of the AC interference on the pipeline, an AC Mitigation System is designed and installed to move the AC current from the pipeline to the earth.  AC current on a pipeline, not only decreases the service life of the pipeline, but can also be very dangerous for anyone in contact with the pipeline. Our staff is experienced in AC Interference Modeling, installation and testing of AC Mitigation Systems in a safe and efficient manner.

Cathodic Protection Design

Sacrificial Cathodic Protection

Untitled-1Sacrificial cathodic protection is one of the most common cathodic protection systems in use.  These systems are used when the current required to achieve cathodic protection of an asset is low and/or the cost of installing an impressed current cathodic protection system is not warranted.  When a sacrificial system is properly designed it can achieve its full-service life with limited maintenance.  With a well-executed design, the sacrificial anodes can easily be monitored and replaced as needed without installing a whole new system. Our design team at Engineering Design Technologies provides industry leading cathodic protection system designs that will extend the service life of a given asset and save money by reducing the cost of maintenance.

Impressed Current Cathodic Protection (ICCP)

Untitled-13Impressed current cathodic protection systems can be found throughout many different industries. For example, they can be found on bridge substructures at and below the water line, maritime vessels, piers, offshore rigs, utilities distribution, oil and gas mains and underground and aboveground storage tanks. Impressed current cathodic protection systems can greatly improve the service life of an asset when following a technically sound design. Engineering Design Technologies has many years of experience designing, installing and testing impressed current systems.

CP systems Evaluation

Untitled-17The use of cathodic protection systems became widespread in the middle of the twentieth century when most oil and gas transmission lines we use today were initially installed.  Over time, cathodic protection systems became essential to the transportation and utilities industries.  These cathodic protection systems have been in service for several decades with varying levels of monitoring.  During this time, many industry standards have been changed or revised.  After years of service, these systems will run into one or more of the following problems:

  •          The system may not meet current industry standards
  •          It has reached or exceeded its service life
  •          Elements of the system could be damaged or defective for an unknown amount of time.

Engineering Design Technologies, Inc. (EDT) has provided industry leading evaluations of cathodic protection systems for many years.  Our knowledgeable staff can commission the installation of every element of any given cathodic protection system.  Our team understands that while addressing a given challenge, there are limitations at every site; due to our experience and understanding of industry standards Codes and available technologies, we are able to overcome these limits and advise our clients of various economical solutions.

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