AACO Valve Bonnet

Client: O’Brian and Gere Engineers



Engineering Design Technologies, Inc. (EDT) was contracted by O’Brian and Gere Engineers to complete a corrosion condition assessment in the Crofton area of Anne Arundel County (AACO). The valve bolts in this area had been flagged for excavation and potential replacement by the County due to the manufacturing year of the bolts. EDT was asked to analyze the soil conditions and determine if soil corrosivity is a contributing factor to the corrosion of the bolts. These soils were tested in our local soil laboratory for pH, oxidation-reduction potential (Redox), conductivity, resistivity (as-collected and saturated), sulfate, presence of sulfide, carbonate and chloride ion content. These soil properties were used to determine soil corrosivity which were then interpolated throughout the rest of the area of interest so that we could estimate what percentage of the area should be corrosive. It was found that soil in most of the Crofton area is moderately corrosive. In addition, these soils’ sample locations and test results were uploaded and mapped by our GIS team on the EDT database to display the sample location and the regions heat map of corrosivity giving the client an interactive experience with their data that could be referenced and downloaded at any time. These maps are now used by the county as a tool to determine what areas they should consider to be at risk in their communities.

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