EDT and Robin Wade Furniture
Celebrating Art and the
Natural Environment Together

EDT and Robin Wade Furniture<br>Celebrating Art and the<br>Natural Environment Together
March 2018

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When it came time for EDT to renovate a seldom used space into a modern collaboration area for employees and clients to congregate, meet and dialogue, we naturally turned to one of our trusted artist vendors, Robin Wade, to supply tables and highly functional accent pieces.  Robin and his company, Robin Wade Furniture (RWF) is driven by a desire to celebrate and honor the natural world. Striving to exhibit this celebration and respect in their entire manufacturing process, they create furniture that encourages and inspires renewed awe and appreciation for nature and the natural world. 

What initially drew our designers and architects to RWF is their commitment to sustainability, both in practice and product.  Constantly seeking out ways to make their business more sustainable, Robin's core values underscore and support this approach. The active practice of sustainability speaks to their celebration of nature and its beauty. They take only what they need and endeavor to give back as much or even more than they take. RWF is driven by quality of life for future generations - one that is not only equal but hopefully even better that what we enjoy today.  They want our children and children's children to feel the same awe and joy in the natural environment that we experience.  To this end, Robin and his artisan staff take their time, enjoying the journey as much as the finished product.

For EDT, Robin employed a very unique process that began with isolating and harvesting a locally fallen tree. The otherwise unused wood is milled in his state-of-the-art warehouse and set to dry/cure. This curing process can sometimes take years.  Every inch of thickness generally takes one year of drying (a kiln is sometimes used to accelerate this process).  When ready, the wood is sanded and shaped into benches, desks, dining tables, coffee tables and conference tables.

Using Walnut and Oak, Robin and his staff manufactured two monumental standing tables and an assortment of benches, a coffee table and a special accent table. The artistry and functionality that Robin was able to create far exceeded our expectations. Next to this article we have posted some pictures of his workshop and his finished work for EDT.  Please visit his website to see more beautiful finished pieces and explore his process and passion for nature and his reverence for all things in the natural environment.  www.robinwadefurniture.com

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