Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) - Multiple Awards

Client: CDC

Location: Atlanta, GA


Engineering Design Technologies, Inc. (EDT) was awarded multiple contracts with the Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). Each project was negotiated and delivered on an individual basis. The following items are the projects and services EDT provided for the CDC.


Emergency Operations Center

EDT was awarded the construction of the Emergency Operations Center (EOC) at the CDC exemplifies the agency’s recognition of EDT’s ability to deliver exceptional programs. United States Vice President Richard Cheney visited the CDC and made recommendations to improve its emergency biohazard facilities. That same day, EDT was awarded the $2.8 million renovation project, which is scheduled to be completed in a phenomenal 90 days. EDT mobilized 3 crews working around the clock, 7 days/week to complete the project on time.


This extremely sensitive project involves the complete renovation of a 8,900 SF existing area and will house personnel and specialized equipment for the CDC to respond to emergency biohazard situations and/or emerging epidemics. Resident in this facility is state-of the art equipment for all critical systems and communications. The CDC professionals at this site will be connected worldwide with other facilities to collect immediate data as part of the nation’s Homeland Security effort. Special features include: complete redundancy of all systems to provide uninterrupted service; state-of-the-art fire suppression system and integration of world-wide satellite communications. This EOC will serve as a prototype for other centers nationwide and will hold the highest security level.


Clifton UPS Room

EDT provided design-build services for the renovation and construction of the Uninterrupted Power Source/Supply (UPS) Program. Due to failures and poor reliability of the existing supply, CDC purchased new flooded cell batteries to replace existing sealed batteries. Installation and renovation to the existing UPS room was required to accommodate the reworked system. Scope of services included programming, developing diagrammatic studies, equipment layouts, cost estimating and mechanical and electrical system design.


Security Room

To upgrade security for the CDC, EDT completed the installation of a closed circuit security TV system complete with motion detection capability. The Network included 80 cameras and motion detection system monitoring both perimeter and general movement throughout 16 buildings. An evaluation of the previous design was performed by EDT to determine difficulties in the system’s functionality. EDT provided the CDC with solutions that rectified issues and enhanced the previous design to ensure maximum effectiveness. Construction management services were also provided by EDT ensuring regulatory code compliance and sub-contractor adherence to design.


Medium Voltage Cables

EDT provided the design and construction management for the direct replacement of medium voltage system at the CDC’s Clifton main campus in Decatur. Project entailed design and installation of 13 major feeders with network protectors. A low voltage wiring system was designed and installed to monitor temperature and pressure of all transformers.


Central Boiler Room

CDC contracted EDT for the feasibility and design study and provided design-build services for the complete renovation of the Central Boiler Plant at the CDC Clifton Campus. The program included the installation of:

• 80,000 lbs/hr steam boiler

• 230,000 gallon underground fuel storage tank

• 4,000 gallon de-aerator tank

• 250,000-lbs steam header

• All pumps and associated piping

• Control

• Water Softener & Filtration System

• Change out of the burner and refractory system on an existing 40,000 lbs./hr steam boiler


EDT provided construction management services and obtained EPA and GA EPD Title V permits for construction and operation of the entire facility. The program required demolition of the existing system and the installation of a new system in three phases while maintaining 100% plant operations.


Replacement Gas Lines at Chamblee Campus, GA

As the General Contractor, EDT was responsible for design/build of gas line system throughout the campus. Required replacement of deteriorated existing lines and additional capacity for future expansion.


Sewer Line Program at Lawrenceville Campus, GA

As the General Contractor, EDT was responsible design-build of decommissioning and backfilling of waste stabilization lagoons and connection of the sewer line to new county sewer line.

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